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I originated my photography venture in 2009, studying Audiovisual Arts in Ghent. My principal love for analog photography soon had to share that space with my newfound affection for digital work. In the next four years, my camera became an extension of myself, trying to capture everything around me and translate impressions into print.

After graduating in 2012, my life took me on a different path. Young and curious, I had several jobs and followed additional courses. One of those being Make-up artistry, which is beneficial now. Although photography never left me, it now took a more modest part of life.

In 2017 I started my own company. I soon found that entrepreneurship is another significant passion of mine, but the industry I was working in was lacking adventure for me. Being able to join both of my passions into one is the best decision I could make. 

My preferred subject is humans. From intimate portraits to flashy fashion shoots, capturing the essence of a person is what I genuinely enjoy. 


Female brand focussed

For women by women.

A comfortable environment

Getting the best experience and results.

High-end vision

A luxurious look for every image.

Your privacy is essential.

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