Are you interested in the beautiful world of boudoir photography and want to do an intimate shoot yourself? Then Boudoir@home might be something worth thinking about. 

For whom?


As fun and freeing as boudoir shoots are, they can be a bit daunting for some new or non-prof models. When you can model in the convenience of your own home, the experience could become a lot more comfortable. 

Some models have no problem doing a boudoir shoot in another location but might prefer to keep the costs low. Standard places for these shoots are usually hotel rooms, private lofts or mansions, and secluded outdoor areas. Even though we can look at cost-effective answers for this, your home is free.

Most importantly, all models are welcome. I don't discriminate between age, gender, ethnicity, or size—no need to be a professional model to enjoy a shoot.

Important to know


When doing Boudoir@home, it will just be me and my camera that comes to you. I ask that there is a minimum number of your household members present, as this can distract both you and me. 

I will ask for pictures of the spaces that you want to shoot from. We might need to move some stuff around, but usually, this is minimal. Customarily, only the living room and bedroom get used. Make sure there aren't too many distracting elements present.


Communication is key. Before the shoot, we will discuss if you want a 'shy' boudoir, glam, natural or artistic nude. We will also talk about editing, what might you be self-conscious about, and what parts do you want to be praised.

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