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I had a wonderful and productive shoot with Noemie. She was super organized and also a great communicator, both before and during the shoot She described exactly what we were going to do which made my job super easy!

She has the talent to capture the best of anyone. Moreover, she is gifted with kind and amazing personality and I believe that makes everything more relaxed.

She makes you feel comfortable and makes the session interesting. I would most definitely recommend collaborating with her, her photography is outstanding. 

 Laureen, Model


Noémie is the definition of laid back. Working with this beautiful person, inside and outside, is awesome. 

She will make you feel really comfortable and confident while being totally relaxed. 

She is a passionate photographer who knows what she is doing and it shows!

 Thijs, Model


Super happy with the results. Shooting with you was a real pleasure, love your energy!

 Keisha, Model


''I don't trust words, so I choose to model and express something big in one picture.''

I really believe there are things nobody would see if you didn't photograph them. I must admit that Noemie is one of the photographers that can make this happen. Working with Noemie has been a pleasure each time!

The way she makes you feel confident and helps with poses... but she also makes you feel loved. Couldn't wish for a better collaboration!


 Shauni, Model


I've worked with many photographers before, but no one is like Noémie. She is a passionate photographer who clearly knows what she is doing and pays attention to every detail. 

She made me feel very comfortable and I am very satisfied with the results.

Alyssia, Model


My first experience with a duo shoot, captured by a prime photographer. Combined with unique solo pictures. Talent brings out talent. Would recommend to beginners and experienced models.

 Trycia, Model


From the moment she picks up her camera, you can clearly tell Noemie is passionate about her craft. Her technical skills eye for detail, and calm yet bubbly demeanour all translate to a beautiful boudoir shot! Afterall I was impressed by the results and the amount of care and thought she put into them.

 Astrid, Model


I preferred boudoir as a theme. We created a mood board to get an idea of what we wanted to do as a model and photographer. The main element for a good shoot is an experienced model but also a photographer that takes your wishes into account. Teamwork makes dream work!



 Neomi, Model 


As a woman, you are so much more at ease being photographed by another woman, especially for lingerie or nude shots. Noémie doesn't just put you at ease and help you with poses, her end results are always amazing. I look at them and think: Wow, is that really me? Her work is always stylish.

 Angelina, Model


I had never done a photo shoot before but went straight for boudoir as I had faith in the photographer. I was extremely nervous but she puts you at ease in such a positive way with amazing results. Am very thankful for the experience and beautiful pictures.

 Lisa, Model


Everytime I work with Noémie I know the pictures are going to look amazing but this shoot just took my breath away.

 Bijou, Model

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